We believe that providing food is not enough. The mission of the Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest Pennsylvania also aims the organization to “create awareness and educate the community on the realities of hunger.”

Educating our community about healthy eating habits allows for a higher probability of self-sufficiency and greater food security.

We offer a variety of opportunities for your group or organization.

Speaking Engagements

Second Harvest welcomes the opportunity to speak to others in the community who are interested in learning more about our organization, Second Harvest programs and services, and how we can continue to fight hunger. This raises awareness and educates the community about hunger in northwest Pennsylvania. To schedule a speaker, call Zachary Webb at 814-459-3663 x 114 or email zwebb@nwpabank.org.

Facility Tours

The current warehouse offers 60,000 square feet of space to sort, catalog and distribute food. In our most recent year, we distributed almost 13 million pounds of grocery products that served 167,700 individuals in northwest Pennsylvania. These numbers are difficult to visualize which is why we offer tours to interested groups, organizations or individuals looking to learn more. To schedule your tour, call Zachary Webb at 814-459-3663 x 114 or email zwebb@nwpabank.org.

Cooking Classes

Second Harvest partners with the Penn State Extension to offer free cooking classes through our member agencies. The program is called “Meals Made Easy” and is offered to income eligible individuals who are caring for children. Participants learn how to make a healthy meal with the food they receive from a food pantry, and leave with a bag of groceries containing the ingredients for the recipes they just completed. For more information or to register call Rita Orinko at 814-459-3663 x 102 or email rorinko@nwpafoodbank.org.


There is no better way to learn about the Food Bank than to volunteer. Second Harvest volunteers help sort, process and pack food and it’s a fun experience.

There are many volunteer opportunities available at Second Harvest. We work with individuals, schools, businesses and religious groups, just to name a few. For more information about volunteering, call our volunteer coordinator, Genene Mattern at 814-459-3663 x 106 or email gmattern@nwpafoodbank.org.