Each year approximately 2,000 volunteers donate their time to the Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest Pennsylvania.

We know that the job of a food bank volunteer is not glamorous or elegant by any means. It is hard, selfless work. The volunteers at Second Harvest sort through reclamation, pack boxes with nutritious food for seniors, pick fresh produce, assemble bags of food for children, collect donations at food-drives and label/repackage donations.

We also know that Second Harvest volunteers continue to come back time and time again because they believe in our mission of providing food to those in need and understand that educating the community on the issues of hunger is very important. They know they can make a difference and that’s exactly what they do; because of these +2,000 individuals, we are able to feed 167,700 of their neighbors. For this we thank them a million times over!

Volunteer Spotlight: 2017


In 2017, an average of 118 people donated their time to Second Harvest Food Bank each week.  Together, they collectively volunteered over 24,000 hours this year.  That averages out to over 460 volunteer hours each week!  We’d like to that each and every individual that donated his or her time to our mission in 2017.  We could not do it without you!  Have a happy New Year and we will see you again in 2018!