Day 2 of the S.N.A.P. Challenge was not as planned out as Day 1 was. I woke up and got ready as usual, no stomach pains or headache. I ate 3oz. of yogurt for breakfast around 8:30a.m. I had a banana with me as well, but I didn’t end up eating it. I got busy at work and forgot about the banana, that is until 10:30 when my stomach started talking to me again. I was leaving at 11:00a.m. to attend a work related lunch; I didn’t really want to eat the banana right before leaving, so the banana sat on my desk.

Karen LuncheonI attended a luncheon, along with other food bank staff, to honor our executive director, Karen Seggi, as the Girl Scouts Western Pennsylvania’s Woman of Distinction for 2015. (Hooray! Congrats to Karen!!) While at the luncheon, we were served a tossed salad, lemon chicken over rice with California mixed veggies and a white cake with fruit topping. I tried to be mindful of the challenge while at the luncheon. I know that the average S.N.A.P. recipient may not have the opportunity to attend such an event or to eat such a meal.  I ate about the same amount I would have if I had prepared a spinach salad and chili with rice from the items I purchased for the challenge.

After the luncheon I headed back to work. I kept myself busy until the end of the work day and didn’t really show any signs of being hungry. On my drive home, I started to get a slight headache,Day 2 Dinner the same as the day before. It was a dull, annoying kind of ache. I tried to distract myself by watching the news and reading email. I started to get hungry.

I had originally planned to eat leftover chili and rice, but changed my mind. I ended up  having a fried egg on a toasted English muffin with a spinach salad that had carrots, shredded cheese and Italian dressing. As soon as I started eating the headache went away. I’m not sure if this is a mind over matter issue. I normally have a small snack when I get home from work to hold me over until dinner, but I’m afraid if I continue to do that, I will run out of food staples before the end of 7 days.

After dinner I was tired. I should have done laundry and a myriad of other things, but I was not motivated, not even a little bit. Instead I found Netflix and settled in for the evening. This is probably a decision I’ll regret Thursday evening because I’ll be playing catch up.