The Produce Express program delivers a truckload of food for up to 200 struggling families in need where traditional food pantries are not available. Each truck carries enough in goods to provide income eligible families with 30-60 pounds of nutritious food, free of charge.

By making fresh, healthy produce available to those who normally would not have access to it, Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest Pennsylvania and our partner agencies are working to encourage the community to eat healthier and make better nutritional choices. When available, Produce Express trucks also include other grocery items and non-food essentials.


Please click on the link below to find a distribution near you!

May 2024 Mobile Schedule

Please remain in your vehicle for the distribution

Please bring a photo ID, wear a face mask, and remain in your vehicle for the duration of the distribution.

How can you help?


Host a Produce Express

Second Harvest partners with churches, community centers, public housing complexes, fire halls, and other organizations to coordinate, fund and provide volunteers to Produce Express distributions. To discuss becoming a host, please contact Manager of Programs Gerry Weiss by email at or by phone at 814-459-3663 ext. 120


Volunteer individuals and groups pack and hand out bags of fresh produce and other grocery products that can be used as supplements to meals for recipients. To volunteer at a Produce Express site, please call Gerry at the above email address and phone number.


Donations are graciously accepted to help expand our Produce Express program. Please donate online or by check. Call Director of Development Breanna Watts at 814-459-3663 ext. 114 or email with any questions.

Distribution Guidelines

At Produce Express distributions that are not in a drive-thru format, please bring photo identification (driver’s license, etc.), proof of residency (phone bill, utility bill, etc.) as well as a sturdy bag, box or shopping cart to bring grocery products home.

Recipients must have household income levels no greater than 185% of the federal poverty guidelines.

  • Household of 1: no more than $2,095 / month
  • Household of 2: no more than $2,823 / month
  • Household of 3: no more than $3,551 / month
  • Household of 4: no more than $4,278 / month
  • Household of 5: no more than $5,006/ month